Ari KoinumaThanks for stopping by.

I’m glad you are here.  My name is Ari Koinuma.

The purpose of this web site is to help you heal and grow.

Here at Our Best Version, my goals is to contribute to the evolution of humanity by sharing insights and lessons I learned along my paths.

All of us fall somewhere within the spectrum of wholeness. If your foundation is heavily compromised, you may suffer from depression. On the other hand, if you are healthy, whole and fully realized, you may be on the exciting adventure of discovering and pushing your capability as a human being.

Healing and Growth Diagram

We are all on the journey of healing and growth to reach the pinnacle, self actualization. This is a state where your primary concern is realizing your potential as a human being. All your lower needs are no longer in your circle of concern and you are ready to unleash your most potent and powerful impact on the world. It’s a joyous and exciting state of being. You will feel so abundant that you feel your joy overflowing and filling up the world around you.

How do you get there? By taking small steps, healing our wounds, mending our brokenness, raising our inner children that got lost and stuck somewhere on your walk. Taking care of our needs for companionship and self-esteem. I myself have walked that path, and have observed others, and I am here to share what I learned.

These are the areas this site focuses on:

  • Realizing your potential: challenging you to be as good of a person as you can be.
  • Relationships: particularly, important ones such as romantic relationships and parenting.
  • Career/Vocation/Lifework: finding, pursuing and sustaining work that meet the needs of both you and the world.
  • Depression: identify it, understand it, and heal from it.
  • Society: how our personal growth impacts the greater whole, and vice versa.

And here is how I approach the challenge of healing and growing:

  • Deep analysis of big problems: If there is a problem, I try to identify and cure the root cause and not surface symptoms.
  • Solutions for Long-Term Growth over Short-Term Gain: Similarly, the solutions I propose are aimed at solving problems once and for all, instead of providing temporary relief. There’s nothing wrong with the latter, but it’s simply not my forte.
  • Personal stories: This is where the rubber meets the road. My analysis of the problem and proposal for solutions are applied to real life. As the best expert on myself, I usually tell stories of my failures and triumphs to illustrate and draw lessons from them.

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Thanks for visiting, and may you make many steps forward in your walk to realize yourself.

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