Announcing “10 Posts about Realizing Your Potential” Blog Carnival

Blog carnivals are simply a collection of blog entries, usually focused on a topic.  They are a great way to discover new blogs and writers on topics of your interest.  Spanning all topics from money to sports to technology, you can find blog carnivals on any topics.

That said, as I looked through the list, I noticed that many of them simply contained overwhelming number of entries.  It’s great if you’re browsing and skimming through headlines and brief descriptions to find what you’re looking for.  Plus, if you’re in a blog business, it’ll get you networked with other blogs fast.

But information overwhelming users is one of my pet peeves.  We all know that internet is a sea of information.  What we want is filters and opinion leaders we can count on to filter through the medocrity and show us the cream of the crop.

So I’ve decided to take a possibly unpopular approach to assembling a blog carnival.  I’m going to limit each monthly edition to the maximum of 10 posts.  I’m going to read all the submissions and hand-pick the 10 best entries of the batch. I realize that I’m not going to make as many friends as fast by rejecting submissions, nor is it helpful to my site to limit the number of linking to 10.  But the benefit here is that you will only be presented with what I consider to be the best of the batch.  If you want to skim through dozens of posts, there are many other carnivals that will offer that for you (I submit to some myself).  On my blog carnival, you can expect high quality.

If you are a blogger, I encourage you to submit the best of your writing each month.  Please consider the following judging criteria:

  • Please submit one entry per month.
  • Please consider the topic — realizing one’s potentail as a human being — carefully.  And submit an entry that precisely relate to this topic.
  • Entries about life’s big issues (dreams, relationships, etc.) are preferred over tips on smaller techniques (how to get up early, etc.)
  • Quality of writing and presentation is a part of the package.  Unreadable fonts, paragraphs being too long, and cluttered designs will all count against your entry.
  • Part of my reason for starting this blog is for link exchange.  So if your posts are selected, please kindly link to this web site from yours.  If not, you will not be considered for the future editions.

The benefit of actually filtering submissions is that if you are selected, you can consider it my stamp of approval, for whatever it is worth.

The first carnival will be published July 15th.  I look forward to reading all the submissions, and presenting you the cream of the crop.

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