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Melindaville’s Rise from Ashes: Overcoming Drug Addiction, Depression and Abuse

By now, you probably know what really turns me on.  In the world of Everything Has Been Said Before (particularly among personal development/self improvement circles), what really engages me and inspires me is reading personal stories — because there’s really … Continue reading

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60-Day Challenge Wk1: Plowing through Resistance

60 Day Challenge: Intuitive Entrepreneur Goal: To create and execute a new business vision by following my intuition.  And do so without neglecting my family’s needs. They say time flies, but I, for one, never been a firm believer.  Sometimes … Continue reading

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60-Day Challenge: Intuitive Entrepreneurship — Will Power of Love Be Enough?

“The ‘how’ comes after you get moving, rarely before. Not knowing how is one of the lamest excuses ever invented. Figure it out as you go.”– Steve Pavlina Many of us dream of doing what we love more fully. I … Continue reading

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