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The Enemy Uncovered: Resistance, According to Steven Pressfield in “The War of Art”

Now I understand why, and who I am fighting against.  Knowing the enemy is critical in a battle, and Steven Pressfield does a succinct job of identifying him.  This is a great book for anybody serous about their artistic/creative pursuit, … Continue reading

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Melindaville’s Rise from Ashes: Overcoming Drug Addiction, Depression and Abuse

By now, you probably know what really turns me on.  In the world of Everything Has Been Said Before (particularly among personal development/self improvement circles), what really engages me and inspires me is reading personal stories — because there’s really … Continue reading

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The Power of Peer-Mentoring

Mentoring/coaching doesn’t just happen when you pay someone who’s more experienced than you.  It can also happen among your very peers — and such a partnership can have bond and strength that few other relationships can.  Let me tell you … Continue reading

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Review: Tom Volkar’s Authentic Business Discovery Course

From September 29 to October 3, 2008, I was immersed in an intense self-exploration course called “Authentic Business Discovery” offered by my blogging colleague Tom Volkar of Delightful Work. Right off the bat, the timing of this offering was such … Continue reading

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