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7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Set Goals (Digest)

Note: This is a digest version of a longer essay on goal-setting.  If you agree with the points made here, read the original to understand all the whys and hows. — The common approach to setting and pursuing goals has … Continue reading

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Low Self-Esteem Is the Root of All Problems

In this extended essay on self-esteem, you will get a comprehensive picture of what it is, how it gets compromised, and how you can restore it. Low self-esteem is the underlying cause for all problems in your life — understanding … Continue reading

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Your Mental Age: Healing and Raising Your Inner Children

In Japan, we have a phrase called “Seishin Nenrei.” It means: “mental age.” It simply means that our mental age may be different from our physical age. I’m surprised that it’s not a widely accepted idea in US. It may … Continue reading

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