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The first way is to use a technology called RSS. RSS lets you use a single reader software, either on the web somewhere or on your computer, to receive the update information from your favorite web sites.

Before I knew about RSS, I kept up with my favorite sites the old way. By bookmarking them and visiting them often. With RSS, you can see what’s new on all your sites in a single location. A a good place to start is with a couple of free and easy to use web based ones like Google Reader and Bloglines. I myself use the Google Reader. They are free and easy to set up. Just click on the icon or link anywhere on the site, and within a few clicks you’ll be subscribed.

If you want more detailed information on RSS, check out this excellent overview on


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The other way of keeping up is to have the new entries delivered to your e-mail address! Simply enter your e-mail in the box that shows up when you click on the icon above and enjoy the posts in your e-mail.

If you have problems with either method, please contact me and let me know. Thanks!

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